New York Is A Sanctuary City – For Whom?

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New York is a sanctuary city, but for whom?

• Not for Marine veteran Daniel Penny. When a man was threatening to kill subway riders, Penny restrained the man in a choke hold. For unclear reasons, the man died. Penny is now charged with manslaughter and faces 15 years in prison. Even if he is acquitted, he will still have a felony record and be bankrupted with legal fees. Lesson: Do not intervene, leave criminals to transit cops, who no longer exist.

• Not for Officer Jonathan Diller, shot to death at a “routine” traffic stop by a career criminal with a long record. The system is now tilted in favor of the career criminal, and against Diller. He got an impressive funeral, but his widow, son, and parents would rather have him than the neatly folded flag.

• And not for the uncounted men, women, and children terrorized, assaulted, raped, robbed, and murdered by street criminals, many of whom are free without bail to offend again. Lady Justice has a stern expression and holds a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She is in charge of a cell door, not a revolving door.


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