UCLA Medical School: Kneel To Mama Earth

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In my day, medical school was four years of “hurry up.” There was so much to learn, and limited hours. On graduation, we were expected to be able to treat a chest injury when the x-ray was down, and manage a diabetic coma when the lab was closed. We were expected to deal with patients who were hysterical and patients who were stoical. We were expected to be well on the road to being doctors – not social activists, not religious reformers, not politicians.

Well, things have changed. Man, have they changed. Follow this link and see what is being taught at UCLA Medical School, using taxpayer money plus tuition of $84,125 a year for California residents. Bow down to Mama Earth? Gosh, what about separation of church and state? What if the lecturer had said, “Bow you heads to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”? All hell would have broken loose. But the Earth Goddess? No problem. Paganism rules.

And what about “Free Palestine”? What to do with the 7 million Jews there? What do you think? The lecturer praised Hamas, whose ideology is indistinguishable from Hitler’s ravings. If these young doctors think killing Israelis is praiseworthy, how can they possibly be trusted to care for Jewish patients? Read “The Nazi Doctors” by Lifton and see how that goes.

Were you taught to keep some money, supplies, and ammunition for a rainy day? Well, it’s raining.

The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide


UCLA Med School Subjects Students to Speaker Touting ‘Mother Earth,’ ‘Free Palestine’

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