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Report: U.S. military could hit troops with court-martials for refusing preferred pronouns. Here we go again.

First it was courts martial, denial of favorable assignments, and dishonorable discharges for refusing Covid vaccine. This was true even if the person did not need the vaccine because they had had Covid. But now the same punishment is threatened for those who fail to use “preferred pronouns.”

Note that if you get a dishonorable discharge, you cannot own a firearm, get a government job, get a security clearance, and in some places vote or serve on a jury. And of course you cannot get VA benefits, including medical benefits.

We can argue about vaccines. We can dispute about pronouns. But one thing is beyond dispute: The fight about vaccines and the dispute about pronouns is not designed to make our armed forces stronger or more combat ready.

I am not saying they are designed to weaken our armed forces, but that is what they are doing. We will wind up with a bunch of hyper-vaccinated, pronoun-spouting, compliant sheep who will be lucky to know which end of the tube the round comes out of. The only risk to our potential enemies it that President Putin and Chairman Xi will injure themselves falling off their chairs laughing.

These guys and one gal are praying together before going on patrol. I believe our first priority is to be fair to them. What do you believe?

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