Remove Trump’s Secret Service Protection? Wait, What?

By | April 22, 2024 | 0 Comments

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D,MS), former chairman of the Jan. 6 Committee, introduces a bill to remove Secret Service protection from Trump if he is convicted.

Imagine, Trump in prison amid murderers, robbers, and child molesters. Or even in the unlikely event he is granted probation, imagine him on the streets of New York, where Jewish college students aren’t physically safe.

This is nothing new. Years ago my wife and I had dinner with a college professor. Though he was meeting us for the first time, he felt free to announce, “If they shoot Bush I’ll throw a party.” Of course he was talking about a Republican president. Somehow conservatives don’t talk that way.

Odd how being “liberal” somehow frees you from all moral and legal obligations. If you vote Democrat you don’t have to give charity, you just feel charitable. You don’t have to do anything for immigrants, you just feel good about immigration. And to top things off, you don’t have to obey “Thou shalt not murder,” you just nod approval at Bennie Thompson’s bill and let nature take its course.

We all have different ideas of democracy. But there must be limits. Trump is not only a former president. He is also what in most countries is called the Leader of the Opposition. Only in banana republics is the opposition leader threatened with imprisonment and death. Is that what we really want our country to become? Because it is what we are becoming.

Former Jan. 6 panel chair seeks to strip Secret Service protection from felons

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