The Case Of The Genocidal Dentist

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The Case Of The Genocidal Dentist

North Miami, Florida is an area where many Jews live. They, and many non-Jews as well, were shocked to learn that a local dentist is also a Muslim imam whose internet sermon called on Allah to exterminate the offspring of apes and pigs, which is what he calls Jews.

This, you see, is actual genocide. Not Israel defending itself, albeit by controversial methods. Note that the dentist calls for the extermination not of Israelis, but of Jews, presumably including the Jews of North Miami, who may be his patients.

I once had a tooth extracted after the nerve block failed. I do not recommend it. My dentist was respected, but not so good with a needle. His action was accidental. But what if it were deliberate? As far as I know, my dentist liked me. But what if he thought I was the offspring of apes and pigs? Would he be more or less likely to perform a successful nerve block?

Would you go to a genocidal dentist? There were physicians and dentists in concentration camps. Officers of the SS thought they were Nazi supermen, but they too got toothaches.

Would Black people go to a dentist who was also the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK? You know, like the senator who was the mentor of Joe Biden. Question: How extreme must a belief be before it disqualifies someone from a professional license? But be careful, or Trump supporters will be denied medical or engineering licenses.

Where to draw the line? We can discuss it, but advocating killing people would be a good place to start. And now that millions of unvetted immigrants have come across our nonexistent border, that discussion needs to begin promptly. Now open wide.


U.S. dentist calls for Jews to die, now faces serious action

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