Shani Louk’s Body Recovered From Hamas

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Seven months after she was kidnapped by Hamas from a music festival in Israel, the body of 22-year-old Shani Louk was recovered from Gaza by Israeli volunteers and returned to her parents. In the interval, the world was treated to videos of her half-naked body being paraded around Gaza in the back of a pickup truck.

Question: How do you hold peace talks with people who were not satisfied with kidnapping and murdering the German-Israeli tattoo artist, but insisted on displaying her body as if she were a record deer they had shot. To them, racism-based kidnapping and murder are actions to be proud of, to boast about to the “civilized” world.

You can sit down at the peace table, but what do you talk about? The most reliable truck to use to parade around with dead bodies? How many congratulatory messages they received from fellow anti-Semites the world over?

When a group proclaims, “We want to exterminate you all, and we’ll start by killing your children,” there really isn’t much left to talk about. Why some world leaders intercede on behalf of such barbarians is a mystery I am glad not to be able to explain.

Ironically, “The Tattooist Of Auschwitz” is streaming on TV, just as, at long last, the body of this young tattooist is being buried. Please explain to me what – if anything – people mean by “Never Again.” They seem sincere when they say it, but then nothing happens.

‘She Can Rest’: Shani Louk’s Body Recovered from Gaza in Time for Her Mother’s Birthday

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