Dershowitz Is Mistaken

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Harvard Law School Emeritus Professor Alan Dershowitz had this to say about former President Trump’s “business records fraud” trial:
“In 60 Years I’ve Never Seen Such A Spectacle.”

Prof. Dershowitz is a lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama, Hillary, and Biden. Nevertheless, when he sees injustice in the Democrats’ pursuit of Trump, he follows Pastor Niemöller’s advice and speaks up.   He is my idea of a lawyer: searching for justice, wherever the search leads him.

Dershowitz is a font of knowledge about the law, but not necessarily about politics or human nature. He assumes that when the judge in this case throws a tantrum because he believes a Trump witness raised his eyebrows at him, he does not realize how biased this makes him appear. I believe the professor is mistaken.

Tyrants don’t care what people think, any more than ranchers care what sheep think. Tyrants care only that people are obedient. The judge cares only that people see him as progressive, that is, anti-Trump. And if the judge is seen as unreasonable, dictatorial, and even irrational, so much the better.

The object is not to obtain justice for the defendant, as the Constitution demands. Oh no, the object is to evoke fear in the populace. If we can do this to a billionaire ex-president, what can we do to you? If a judge can throw a tantrum at a defense witness for Trump, what can they do to a witness you call in your defense? Lesson: Do as we say, and don’t ever dare to anger us, or even attract our attention.

Remember the proverb: The nail that sticks up will be hammered down. And they plan to have all the hammers.

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