Deadly Force At Mar-a-Lago? It Gets Worse

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Recent court filings reportedly reveal that as justification for a deadly force policy at the former President’s home, the Dept. of Justice listed “dangerous contraband” in the kitchen and gym. Are we supposed to believe that impartial officials and judges could – without doubling over laughing – use kitchen knives and bar bells as “dangerous contraband” to justify the use of guns? Yes, we are supposed to believe it.

The narrative was that this was standard FBI policy included in all search warrants. This was a  poor excuse. It was very far from a standard search. On the contrary, a raid on a former President’s home was unique in American history.

But in addition to being a poor excuse, it was a lie. The warrant specifically mentioned the Secret Service, but as if it were a subordinate organization, rather than co-equal to the FBI and with statutory responsibility for the security of the former President and his family. The warrant actually mentions the possibility of “engagement” with the Secret Service. This word could mean anything from saying “Hi” to a lethal shootout.

Biden, Garland, and Wray okayed an unprecedented raid, and recognized in writing the possibility of a shootout with the Secret Service. Am I implying that these jokers and their sponsors may have hoped for a violent confrontation, which they could blame on Trump? No, but that is a possibility. Once being anti-Trump becomes more important than being pro-American, who can say what is possible?

Biden’s FBI Justified Its Deadly Force Policy in Mar-a-Lago Raid Because of “Life Threatening” Kitchen Utensils, Resort Gym Equipment

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