Are You A Good Parrot?

By | June 9, 2024 | 0 Comments

• Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas declares border is “secure.”
• President Biden announces that inflation was 9% when he took office, when in fact it was 1.3%.
• Dr. Fauci continues to insist that the Covid “vaccine” saved millions of lives.
• Women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark left off Olympic Team “for fear fans would object to too little playing time.”

At first glance, these four reports – especially the fourth – do not seem related. But they are. They are examples of the same phenomenon. Tyrants do not say things despite the fact that they are unbelievable, but because they are. If tyrants can make you parrot ridiculous baloney, that is real power.

People were standing in line for hours for bread when Stalin announced a record wheat harvest, but loyal communists adulated Stalin anyhow.

Everyone with an IQ above celery knows that inflation has skyrocketed, but despite rising food and fuel prices, loyal Democrats vote for Biden anyhow.

Only those locked into mainstream media believe the Covid shots prevent Covid and have rare side effects, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it is not a “vaccine.” But Fauci groupies parrot him anyhow.

Everyone aware  of women’s sports knows that Caitlin Clark has been subjected to physical abuse because she is White and heterosexual, but we pretend the Olympic Committee is immune to threats from BLM and LGBTQ+ pressure groups.

Tyrants and would-be tyrants don’t care if you believe what they say. They care only that you parrot it.


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