Vaccine May Be Associated With 16% Drop In Sperm Count

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Report: Study from Denmark sperm bank said to show 16% drop in motile sperm during pandemic, while vaccine was being administered. That us a problem that will be resolved when this study is analyzed, and other studies are done to confirm or refute it.

But there is another problem. During the pandemic, I received an email from the California Medical Board, threatening to revoke my medical license if I spread “disinformation.” Then I received an email from the American Board of Internal Medicine, threatening to revoke by board certification if I spread “disinformation.”

In neither case was “disinformation” defined, making the rulings unconstitutionally vague. You can’t forbid something without defining it clearly enough that people can know what not to do. But we assumed that “disinformation” meant that the vaccine didn’t prevent catching or transmitting Covid (it doesn’t), or that Dr. Fauci isn’t infallible and possibly the Second Coming (he isn’t), or that whatever the government says is the absolute truth (are you kidding?).

Now things have quieted down, but those warnings have never been cancelled. Bureaucrats are experts at issuing rules, but no good at all at rescinding them. So I want to make it crystal clear:

• I’m not saying that the vaccine caused lower sperm counts.
• I’m not saying that the vaccine was associated with lower sperm counts.
• I’m just saying that a report claims that the vaccine was associated with lower sperm counts in Denmark, but it needs to be verified and repeated.

I hope not to hear from the California Medical Board or the American Board of Internal Medicine. But if I do, I’ll let you know. No, I’m not so conceited that I think of myself in the same league as Galileo. But I do hate inquisitors.

Disturbing study: COVID shots destroyed young men’s fertility

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