“101 Ways To Cook Pork”

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Many, including me, have written about what went wrong with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President and Leader of the Opposition Donald Trump. Specifically we focused on inadequate plans for deconfliction with the Secret Service.

Two armed groups with different missions – in this case, opposite missions – were with minimal warning brought into close contact. The operation order mentioned the possibility of armed conflict between the FBI and the USSS, but took inadequate steps to avoid it

And then we discussed the search of the bedrooms of former First Lady Melania, and then-16-year-old Barron. What, exactly, is the proper way to rummage through a woman’s underwear drawer or a teenager’s stuff? But at this point, a picture came into my mind.

I saw an observant Jew, or a believing Muslim, picking up a book in a bookstore (remember them?). But the book was titled, “101 Ways to Cook Pork.” The point is that for these people, there was no “right” way to cook pork. They were forbidden to eat pork, regardless of how it was prepared.

It’s the same problem here. We can argue endlessly about what went wrong when the feds raided Mar-a-Lago. But the fact remains that there was no “right” way to raid the home of a former President and quite possibly a future President. There was no “right” way to paw through his wife’s underwear or his kid’s stuff. There was no “right” way to interfere with the upcoming election. There was no “right” way to politicize the FBI. Once we understand that, everything else falls into place. You can cook it any way you like, but it’s still a filthy animal.

[Note: This photo is from another FBI raid. At Mar-a-Lago, FBI agents were told NOT to wear raid jackets or show their badges or credentials prominently, thus maximizing the chance of blue-on-blue violence with the Secret Service. People who are proud of what they are doing do not order their subordinates to conceal their identities. Were the FBI big shots actually hoping for a shootout they could blame on Trump?]


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