Breaking News: Garland Won’t Prosecute Garland

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Breaking News: Garland Won’t Prosecute Garland. What a shock!

The House of Representatives wanted access to tapes of Special Counsel Hur’s interview with President Biden. From this interview, Hur concluded that Biden was “an elderly man with a poor memory” and thus not subject to prosecution for mishandling classified documents.

But the tapes might reveal Biden’s dementia to be worse than suspected, so Attorney General Garland refused to obey the congressional subpoena. The House asked the Dept. of Justice to enforce the subpoena, but the DOJ refused. In short, Garland refused to prosecute Garland.

You might recall that subpoena means “under punishment.” The whole idea is that a subpoena is not an invitation or a suggestion, but a command that you disobey at your peril. But not here.

It’s not only Covid masks that are off. The mask of the rule of law is off as well. If Garland can decide not to prosecute Garland, all pretense is ended, and the administration can give the middle finger to Congress quite openly. In fact, it just did.

The fact that this is an election year made no difference. Biden is senile, we all know it, the tapes might document it, so Congress can’t get them, and there is nothing the House – sometimes called the People’s House – can do about it, so quit whining and do as you are told.

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