Universities, Anti-Semitism, and Caitlin Clark

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We have anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Islamic, but we have antisemitic. That’s what the AP Style Manual teaches, and that’s what nearly everyone does. But not me. I still use anti-Semitic, the way I was taught. You capitalize a proper noun, even if it’s for Jews.

Like the proverb teaches, if you keep saying, “That’s not a hill I will die on,” eventually you run out of hills. Somewhere we must draw the line and take a stand. Blatant anti-Semitism in universities? We tolerated that, and then, predictably, it was followed by blatant anti-Americanism. (Now can I use a capital letter?) Do we really want haters like that influencing our young people? The Germans and Austrians of the 1930s allowed Nazis to influence their young people in universities. How did that work out?

Listen to what Jamie Glazov has to say. He’s an expert on communism and other forms of totalitarianism. He knows that democracy and freedom are not natural states of humanity. They are unstable and require constant work to maintain.

The question is, are we willing to put in that work? Or will we sit on the couch, munching snacks, and watching Caitlin Clark get body checked and hit in the head until she suffers a permanent brain or other injury? Come to think of it, that kind of symbolizes the whole thing, doesn’t it? Her team needs an enforcer. So does our team.

To Hate a Jew

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