“Good Samaritans” Beat Suspect?

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Look at these two cops escorting an accused child rapist. The cop on the right is looking outward for possible danger. After all, people were beating the suspect so badly that he hid under a car to protect himself.

But the cop on the left is looking at the suspect. “Stink-eye” seems too weak to describe that look. Perhaps the cop has a daughter about the age of the victim. The Russians have an expression for stink-eye: “Like the Devil looks at the Pope.” That covers it rather well.

The people who beat the suspect were described as “Good Samaritans.” But the biblical Good Samaritan stopped to help the victim of a robbery he found lying by the road. While I approved of the actions of the crowd, were they really Good Samaritans? I believe they were.

How do you help a little girl who was allegedly raped in a park by an illegal alien? You comfort her as best you can and stay with her until the paramedics and police arrive. Who knows? The criminal might come back.

But what else do you do? You do whatever you can to be sure no other perverts, citizen or alien, legal or illegal, molest children again. And if the apathy of officials requires that you take responsibility for beating the offender, so be it. Only a few years ago, he would have faced not beating but hanging.

Yes, they were Good Samaritans in the truest sense of that term. But what does that make us? Not-so-good Samaritans? Pretty rotten Samaritans?  We watch Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas claim that the border is secure, and we do nothing. No, we are really awful Samaritans. We can do better. In fact, we could not do much worse.

Christian Inga



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