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Who Is Responsible? Don’t All Raise Your Hands At Once

By | July 20, 2024 | 0 Comments

Sometimes, when there is a problem, it helps to compare things to a similar problem. On the set of the film “Rust,” the armorer was young and inexperienced. But she was the daughter of a buddy of firearms guru Jeff Cooper, so she grew up around guns. Nevertheless, would she dare to contradict actor-producer Alec Baldwin, and thus risk never working again?

In any case, the armorer was reportedly not allowed on the set, odd to say the least. She handed the revolver to the assistant director, who handed it to Baldwin. Neither one of these “gentlemen” checked that it was safe.

Baldwin then pointed the gun at the cinematographer, a wife and mother of a small boy, and manipulated the trigger and/or hammer, thus violating every rule of firearm safety. The gun went off, killing the cinematographer and wounding a man standing behind her with a single bullet.

WRONG. The gun didn’t “go off.” It was not possessed by a demon who happened to wander by. The gun was FIRED by Baldwin. Maybe not intentionally, but he did fire it, killing a human being and wounding another. Charges against Baldwin were dropped because of misconduct by the prosecution, but the facts speak for themselves.

Now we come to a field in rural Pennsylvania where the Trump campaign was holding a rally.
• Reportedly, Trump’s Secret Service protection team repeatedly asked for more assets and was refused.
• Reportedly, the roof the would-be assassin fired from was given to local police to guard, but the township commissioner declares that they were tasked only with traffic control.
• Reportedly, the 20-year-old assassin used a drone to surveil the area, but the Secret Service did not think of buying a $200 drone from Amazon, so they did not have one.
• Reportedly, the local officers decided to “guard” the rooftop by remaining inside the building. How this worked was not explained.
• Reportedly, a man was seen with a rifle about 20 minutes before the shots rang out, but neither the Secret Service nor local police did anything.
• Specifically, they did not stop Trump from mounting the podium and beginning his speech while the guy was still on the roof, with a direct 140-yard line of sight to Trump. The other errors may be errors. This goes beyond erroneous and reaches malicious. It is similar to pointing an uninspected gun at two people and manipulating it.

In my amateur, non-legal opinion, pointing the gun and letting Trump onto the podium both betrayed a depraved indifference to human life, which means second-degree murder if death results. Now talk me out of it.

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