Another Woman Athlete Injured By Biological Male

By | October 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

• Woman MMA star sent to hospital with concussion, facial fractures by biological male opponent.
• Woman volleyball player sent to hospital with concussion by being hit in head by ball spiked by biological male player.

We stood by idly while women swimmers were deprived of medals, scholarships, and endorsements by a biological male who had competed as a man 2 years earlier. We said nothing when a woman MMA fighter was seriously injured by a biological male. Now a female high-school volleyball player was given a serious concussion by a biological male.

NOW will we speak up? Or are we so afraid of being called names that we sit in cowardly silence while more young women are robbed of medals and even physically injured? Feminists? Year of the woman? Are you joking? Or are you bitterly sarcastic?

Female High-School Volleyball Athlete Suffers Serious Head Injury after Transgender Player Spikes ‘Abnormally Fast’ Ball



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