Burn American Flag , Carry Trump Flag No

By | July 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

38-year-old crane operator sentenced to 8 months in prison for Jan. 6 Capitol incursion. Will be convicted felon all his life. But that’s not my main complaint. That is the judge’s opinion of his flag.

The judge castigated the defendant for carrying a Trump 2020 flag into the Senate chamber. The judge claimed this showed the man gave his loyalty to a man rather than to America. Questions:

  1. If man had carried a Biden 2020 flag, judge could have made same complaint of personal loyalty, but would he? Are you joking?
  2. If man were carrying American flag, as judge implied he should, would judge have been happy then? Would sentence have been reduced?
  3. Would this not have been punishment for man’s political beliefs? Which in fact it was.
  4. But what if man burned American flag he was carrying? This is protected speech according to Supreme Court. So judge could not have complained.
  5. If burning American flag is protected speech, why is not carrying Trump flag also protected speech, which the judge has no right to condemn?
  6. Or is only anti-American speech protected? Burn US flag , carry Trump flag no. Because right now, this trial seems to be proving exactly that.

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