Europe Is Dying, and America Isn’t Feeling Too Well

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Victim of Cologne mob attack

Mob of Middle Eastern and North African men grope and rape women at Cologne railway station on New Year’s Eve, while others disrupt Mass at cathedral.
News report

Ten Swedish police try to rescue a 10-year-old boy from sexual abuse, but are forced to flee from Muslim immigrant center when attacked by screaming mob.
News report

If I claimed that Europe is ceasing to exist in any meaningful form, you might shake your head in disbelief. But you would be wrong. There are entire towns, and sections of towns, where English, or German, or French, or Swedish law no longer apply, and what passes for Sharia law is enforced by gangs of young men. There are areas where police no longer enter except when absolutely necessary, and then in large numbers.
Europe is further along the road to uncontrolled immigration than we are, so what is happening there is a warning to us. We can look at Europe and see ourselves in a short time, perhaps shorter than we imagine. It is not a pretty sight:

● We see a British soldier hacked to death and almost decapitated on a London street, while unarmed police stand by idly and wait nine minutes for armed police to arrive. The murderers were born in England but converted to Islam. We see rioting and looting by feral young people, angry at the mere suggestion that welfare benefits be reduced.

● We see a French magazine office shot up for the “crime” of insulting Muhammad, we see a kosher market shot up for the “crime” of being Jewish, and we see a soccer crowd shot up for the “crime” of being “infidels.”

● We see a mob of “refugees” attack women in the Cologne, Germany railway station on New Year’s Eve. They commit at least 347 sexual assaults on women, while other immigrants disrupt Mass at the nearby cathedral. This exemplifies perfectly the assault on our civilization – abuse our women, disrespect our religion, ignore our laws, flout our police. It is delusional to expect people like that to become loyal, productive citizens, or to raise their children to become loyal, productive citizens.

And what have government officials and police done about all this? Very little. On the contrary, they often side with the perpetrators and hush up the crimes. Allowing these crimes to occur, and then covering them up, is unforgivable. Even worse, police may arrest women for attempting to defend themselves. These are signs of a civilization in a steep and perhaps irreversible decline.
Uncontrolled immigration is not the basic problem. It is a symptom of declining birth rates, which require Europe to import young workers to pay into the welfare system – that is, assuming the immigrants in fact work and pay in, rather than drawing welfare benefits, as is too often the case. And it is a symptom of declining self-confidence. Few people care whether immigrants are assimilated and become Swedish, or British, or French, or German. When nations cease to teach patriotism to their own children, how can we expect them to teach it to the children of immigrants?
Perhaps two World Wars and the Holocaust have damaged many Europeans to the point that they no longer believe in anything transcendent: not God, not their nation, not their culture, not their language, and surely not their borders. But if you don’t believe in the future of your nation, and you have no beliefs you hold dear and wish to pass on to your children, why have children at all? Why not, as John Lennon’s “Imagine” taught us, just live for today? The problem is that “today” may not last as long as we had hoped.
In poker, you may win an occasional hand with no cards if you are a good bluffer. But in real life, you can’t beat something with nothing. The first rule of gun fights is bring a gun. The first rule of culture wars is bring a culture. Europe has worked long and hard to rid itself of both guns and culture, and now finds itself totally disarmed. Let us not follow this terrible example.
It is sad to see a person die. But it is sadder to see a civilization die. When persons die, the principles and ideals they held dear may be handed on to their heirs. But when a civilization dies, that is the end.
Then the principles and ideals exist only in books – assuming we can still read and find a bookstore – but they no longer inspire us. When we visit the Parthenon, we are impressed with what the ancient Greeks achieved, but we are also depressed by the decrepit state of the building. We see a reminder of past glory − emphasis on past.
I can visit Edinburgh Castle and see mementos of the heroes who defeated Hitler, and the eagle standard that the Scots Greys seized from Napoleon’s troops at Waterloo. And I can listen to the wail of the pipes. But instead of a rousing march celebrating another victory over tyranny, they are sounding a dirge mourning the death of a great civilization.
In an English town, police for years have hushed up at least 1400 cases of child rape, for fear of being called “Islamophobic.” In a German city, a 13-year-old girl was kidnapped and repeatedly raped for 30 hours by three Middle Eastern men. But police interrogated the girl for hours, without her parents,  and finally induced her to say she wanted the sex, so no one was arrested. Nations that do not protect their children have lost their justification to exist, and before long they won’t.
They no longer believe in God, so there is no objective right and wrong, there are only opinions. And who are we to say that our opinion is better than the opinion of those who justify raping “infidels”? But even animals protect their young from predators. Even that instinct has been suppressed in the mad dash for “political correctness” – which is shorthand for, “Don’t do anything that might upset leftists.”
But, you object, this could never happen with Americans. Oh no? Ask Green Beret Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, who was just kicked out of the Army. Martland learned that an Afghan policeman named Abdul Rahman (which ironically means servant of the Merciful One) had tied a young boy to a post and repeatedly raped him. The boy’s mother tried to intervene, but she was beaten. When Martland discovered the crime, he beat up the child-rapist and threw him out of camp. The Army denies ordering that such crimes be ignored. And even if there is such an order, it is plainly illegal, so soldiers have a duty to disobey it. Nevertheless, Martland is out, while the child-rapist apparently is still on the Afghan police force – which we train and support. How’s that for “nation building” and “spreading democracy”?
True, this hasn’t happened yet in America, but it is happening to Americans. If we don’t raise a real uproar about Martland, it will happen here next. Europeans are learning to tolerate the intolerable – “honor” killings, female genital mutilation, burqas, polygamy, wife beating, and sexual child abuse. Europeans are learning to see these as merely cultural differences. Americans, at least for now, still see them as moral outrages.
We have a 3000-year-old Judeo-Christian tradition of moral values. If we abandon those values, what are we? Carbon-based life forms? Our duty is to spread those values to those who lack them, not to throw them into the trash in the name of “diversity,” “tolerance,” and “multiculturalism.” As the women of Cologne learned, the end result of this process is not tolerance but brutal intolerance, with a medieval version of Sharia enforced by roving gangs of thugs. There, is that “diverse” enough for you?
But even if we no longer attempt to teach Judeo-Christian values to other countries, we at least must insist that they be observed in our own country. Otherwise, as Europe is discovering to its sorrow, we will not have a country for long. We must elect a president who has the brains to understand this, and the guts to do something about it.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion.
– Gov. Bobby Jindal

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