Who Threatens Deprivation Of Food? Not Americans

By | August 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Normally I detest comparisons with Nazis or Hitler. When leftists called Trump “Hitler,” they were saying that Hitler had a Jewish son-in-law, daughter, and grandchildren, and in addition was a strong friend of Israel. In effect they were trivializing or actually denying the Holocaust.

But at some point, comparisons to Nazism become less objectionable and more realistic. I fear we may be at that point. That’s why I overcame my reluctance and attached the video of the Nazi marching song to the post about the Los Angeles plan to bar the unvaccinated from food stores. Of course, no exception is allowed for those who had Covid and have natural immunity. “Follow the science” really means “Obey orders.”

Leftists seem to believe that the unvaccinated are mainly ignorant, prejudiced, redneck “Trumpists.” In fact the unvaccinated are mainly Blacks and Latinos:

Forcing people to take medicine they don’t want and may not need is clearly immoral, probably illegal, and surely unconstitutional. Forcing them to take it or risk being deprived of food is unforgivable. But threatening minorities with deprivation of food is, we must admit, reminiscent of that gesticulating ranter with the odd mustache.

American isn’t where you were born or what you claim to be. American is how you act, especially in times of trouble. Fanatics of masking and lockdowns don’t act American. Extremists who threaten deprivation of food are very far from being American. And dare I say it, they are coming closer to being something very different.

That Nazi marching song is really stirring, isn’t it? I found myself tapping my toe. How about you? Vorwärts Marsch!

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