“Killer” Putin Will “Pay The Price” – Or Will We Pay It?

By | March 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

Not yet 2 months in office and Biden has created out of thin air: 1) a humanitarian crisis at the border, and 2) a diplomatic crisis with Russia. Biden called Putin a ‘killer” who would “pay the price.” Diplomacy is normally carried on with euphemisms and oblique language. To insult so blatantly the president of a nuclear power is, to say the least, provocative. Indeed it provoked Putin to recall his ambassador to the US. Recalling an ambassador may be symbolic or a first step toward war. Which it is in this case we can only guess.

In electing a senile man Democrats hoped for a puppet who would unthinkingly sign whatever leftist program was put in front of him. Instead they have a senile man whose hostile words are no longer filtered by an active brain. If you can think of a more dangerous mistake, your imagination is more fertile than mine.

Democrats may have to activate the 25th Amendment sooner than they thought.


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