High Gas Prices = Fewer 911 Responses

By | June 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

Police across the nation cutting back on patrols, and even on emergency responses, because of high gas prices. Some departments running through their gas budget months early. Nonviolent crime reports taken by phone. Fire and EMT responses may also be curtailed. So it’s not only food and other necessities being more expensive. It’s also first responders being cut back.

Everything we need – including emergency response – comes by car, truck, train, or airplane. That means they are affected by the price of gas, diesel, and jet fuel. Ordinary people understand this. But the geniuses of DC somehow believe that high fuel prices save the planet but have no adverse effects on ordinary people. That is, if they think about ordinary people at all.

Brilliant insight: Parked police cars do not fight crime.


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