“Worse Than Anyone Could Ever Have Thought”

By | July 28, 2023 | 0 Comments

Headline on The Blaze: “Emails reveal that Biden White House pressured Facebook to censor vaccine memes, Tucker Carlson videos: ‘Worse than anyone could ever have thought.'”Joseph MacKinnon

The Federal Government pressured social media to alter news and opinion on the vaccine and on a prominent conservative commentator. But please note: This story is not alarming. It is not infuriating. It is hardly even worrisome. And it isn’t news at all.

We have become so inured to the government-media complex that we are no longer surprised at its extent. We have become so estranged from our Constitution that we hardly notice that the First Amendment is on life support. Soon it will be on a ventilator. Will we be allowed to say goodbye? Or like parents during the lockdown, will even that last shred of freedom be denied us?

A majority – 55% – of Americans of both parties believe the government should have the power to censor “misinformation” – which of course the government itself defines. Unless we can change people’s minds and hearts, we’re sunk. “Progressive” education has washed young people’s minds in hot water and bleach, until the vivid reds, whites, and blues are faded, and all that remains is an insipid beige that inspires nothing but obedience.

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