Eavesdropping On Counselor-Client Sessions – What, In America?

By | July 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

Alliance Defense Fund sues Michigan, which joins about 2 dozen other states in passing laws that intrude into therapy sessions. Politicians believe they are wise and powerful enough to stick their noses into therapy sessions and tell psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, AA sponsors, and other counselors what they can and cannot tell clients. The privacy of the counselor-client relation is being broken.

What next? you ask. The only relation left unmolested is the priest-penitent relation during Confession, what Catholics call Reconciliation. Well, no. That sacred relation has already been broken. An Oregon court okayed the bugging of a priest hearing an inmate’s confession. Not a phony priest sent by the cops. That would be bad enough. No, a real priest unaware of the bug.

What’s that music I hear in the distance? It’s getting closer. A march, really rousing. It’s called “Panzerlied,” a real toe-tapper. But if you don’t care for old Nazi marching songs, the time to speak up is now, while speaking up is still permitted. If your taste in music runs to “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” rather than “Panzerilied,” why are you just sitting there?

ADF: Michigan censors discussions between counselors, clients

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