German Hyperinflation Here?

By | April 2, 2022 | 0 Comments
I’m so old I can remember when “trillion” was used in astronomy shows, not in news reports on the federal budget. We studied history, not social studies. So I remember the German hyperinflation that ruined the middle class and paved the way for Hitler. It was intentional – the government tried to wipe out its debt. Sound familiar?
Can’t happen here? Sure about that?
Check out this 50 million mark postage stamp.  Think about the middle class families that saw their life savings become worthless. Then pay $1.50 for an apple or $7 a gallon for gasoline. Only a short time ago, $100 was more than enough to gas up a 26-gallon Suburban; now it barely fills a 16-gallon family car. Still so sure?

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