New Chocolate Bar, Or Lesson For All Of Us?

By | March 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

Is this a put-on or a real commercial? I think it’s real. I love Lindt 85%, but I’ll try these. Murphy’s Law of Business: You’ll go broke if you try to please a small, noisy group while you insult the majority of your customers.

This is similar to Murphy’s Law of Politics and Murphy’s Law of Personal Relationships. The more we try to please a small, unpleasable minority of malcontents, the less we please the majority, and the more alienated we become. Trying to please the unpleasable is a sure way to misery, bankruptcy, and loneliness. Once we realize we can never be woke enough to please the super-woke, we’ll stop trying, and go back to living our lives as WE see fit.

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