Don’t Unsubscribe From This One

By | July 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

My laptop is clogged with 40-50 emails daily, mostly spam. I was going through them, unsubscribing. Then I came to my weekly, unrequested email from Bob Bonta (D), California Attorney General. This week’s proclamation pushes his program of keeping secret from parents a child’s plan to switch genders – and keep secret actual medical treatments like puberty blockers with lifelong effects including infertility.

And then I did nothing. I was afraid that if I unsubscribed, my name would be entered into a computer file of dissidents somewhere in the state government. Who knows what that might mean in a few years? The downhill slide toward tyranny is accelerating. That’s what downhill slides do, unless we find something firm to grab onto and stop the slide. You know, like the Bible or the Constitution – or both of the above.

That’s how we lose our freedom and pave the way for tyrants. That simple act of hesitating to unsubscribe tells an awful lot about me and how I perceive the current situation. It ain’t pretty.

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