Threat To Taiwan Increases

By | June 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

Just got a new pocket knife. The maker, Demko, is a small American company, but to keep the price down it was manufactured in Taiwan. I prefer articles made in America, but Taiwan is my second choice. Quality is generally good, and they need our support.

Report: Plans put in place to evacuate Americans from Taiwan if China invades. If true, the invasion would occur before our 2024 election, and preferably as soon as possible, while Biden is still in office. That way China could be sure the American response, if any, will be ineffective. Who knows what Americans may do in 2024? We might even elect an actual president.

So I’ll be careful not to lose my new knife. It may become a memento of a nation that no longer exists. I’ll also be careful not to lose my American-made items – and for the same reason.

Demko AD20.5 Shark Lock Knife Black Grivory (3.2" Stonewash)

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