Leave People Behind, And Now Dogs?

By | September 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

Report: Hundreds of dogs left behind in Afghanistan. Pentagon denies they are US military working dogs, but claims they are Afghanistan army dogs and personal pets of US civilians, though doubt remains.

Stalin once said that loyalty is a disease of dogs. That tells a lot about Stalin. But if this is true, those running the Pentagon are healthy indeed. They appear totally immune to loyalty. Do you suppose there is a vaccine? I wonder whether our top military and civilian officials are required to take it. Or is lack of loyalty a necessary quality for rising high in a bureaucracy? Do they climb not on the rungs of a ladder, but on the knives stuck in the backs of colleagues?

Loyalty to the Constitution, from which they derive their authority? Loyalty to their oath of office? Loyalty to America, to which they owe so much? Loyalty to their subordinates, whose lives are in their hands? Are you joking?

But loyalty to their careers? Loyalty to the woke generals or civilian officials who can advance their careers? By all means, yes. But that’s a misuse of the noble word loyalty. That’s just self-interest and careerism. We have a surplus of those. It’s loyalty that’s in short supply.

Leave dogs behind? Not on my watch you don’t.

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