Rapper 50 Cent Blasts Los Angeles No-Bail Policy

By | July 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Rapper pointed out this week that zero bail is a policy that doesn’t work, on the simple grounds that those who have – allegedly – just committed a are put straight back on the streets with no cost to what they have – allegedly – just done.

• As 50 Cent said in an Instagram post, “LA is finished watch how bad it gets out there,” now that has moved to a no-cash bail system. As we noted when there were celebrity donations to bail costs in Minnesota: “No one should be working to increase divisiveness, and no one should be facilitating the violence on our streets.”

To understand what is going on, you don’t need degrees in criminology, sociology, law, or political science. On the contrary, such degrees may make you are less able to understand. But 50 Cent understands. He was raised in Queens by a single mom who died when he was 8, never finished high school but got his GED, was arrested for selling drugs, began rapping in a friend’s basement, has high intelligence – and the greatest of gifts, common sense. Too bad people like him aren’t in charge. Too bad those in charge don’t even listen to people like him.


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