Canadian Pastor Forced To Kneel To The State.

By | May 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

A Canadian pastor twice threw police and health officer out of his church, which they had entered during weekly services, calling them “Nazis” for interrupting religious services. So you thought freedom of religion was still safe in Canada, despite their lack of a First Amendment? You were wrong.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were stopped on a rain-slick highway by a large number of police, made to kneel on the wet pavement, handcuffed, picked up, and hauled away. The outcome of their case remains to be seen. But the salient facts are: (1) the police came during services, not at any other time during the week, and (2)  the pastor and his brother were made to kneel, when having them lean on the car would have sufficed to handcuff them.

In short, don’t just insist on masking and social distancing during religious services. Twice arrive during services to interrupt them. Don’t just arrest the pastor and his brother, make them kneel. Health is the excuse. Obedience is the real aim. How dare these Polish immigrants, who know communist tyranny only too well, tell us Canadians anything about freedom? How dare they kneel to Almighty God? We’ll show them. We’ll force them to kneel to the almighty state. That’s a good lesson for them, for their parishioners, and for all Canadians: Kneel to the state, or else!

Coming soon, to a church or synagogue near you.

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