1993 Black Hawk Down, 2021 United States Down

By | August 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

Whether an organization is a small business or the United States Government, the first thing to decide is whether it resembles a coffee cup, where the cream rises to the top, or a septic tank, where the largest chunks rise to the top.

And how, precisely, would you describe those who appease their enemies, alienate their friends, and abandon their people?

In 1993 we had the Battle of Mogadishu, inspiration for the book and film “Black Hawk Down.” Two Delta Force operators, Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon, insisted in being inserted when there was little likelihood they could be extracted. Their motive was to care for and protect aviators who were wounded when their Black Hawk helicopter crashed. Both were killed in action and awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Gordon and Shughart knowingly gave their lives to leave no one behind. Now we have so-called leaders who won’t lift a finger to prevent their people from being left behind. Of course, they don’t see these people as their people, and that’s the problem. It is indeed unfortunate that we do not have a Medal of Dishonor.

Yes, things have changed, but not for the better. In 1993 we had Black Hawk Down. In 2021 we have United States Down. The question is, who will go in to rescue us?

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