“Experts” Can Be Fools, And Often Are

By | June 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

Kurt Schlichter asks, “Why are all the experts such dopes?” Well, perhaps not all, but all too many. There are two answers:

  1. Many experts don’t know their own field well, much less other fields. They rose in government or academic bureaucracies by not making waves, and by kissing a*s rather than kicking it. Then, by the Peter Principle, they were promoted until they reached the level of their incompetence. And there they stayed until retirement, or in Dr. Fauci’s case, forever.
  2. If experts knowledge of their own field is problematic, their knowledge of other fields is even more dubious. Dr. Fauci may remember some epidemiology, but he hasn’t treated patients in half a century. So he sees a prolonged lockdown as an “inconvenience.” He is quite oblivious to closed businesses, lost jobs, foreclosed properties, increased drug and alcohol use, suicides, emotionally and educationally stunted children, or anything else not contained in interoffice memos or Excel spreadsheets.

Perhaps all this is best summed up by someone of undisputed brilliance:


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