Ivermectin Study “Negative” – Or Is It?

By | December 16, 2022 | 0 Comments
Study of ivermectin in Covid reported in media as negative. But it is compatible with 30% reduction in hospitalization and 51% reduction in death, as stated in letter in New England Journal.
After all this time, definitive studies should have been done. But the unremitting negativity, the rigid opposition to outpatient treatment, were hard to overcome. And even if an encouraging study of ivermectin were done, despite lack of funding and academic opposition, where could it have been published? Editors of medical journals are as sheep-like as most other physicians.
Science is a method of verifying hypotheses by experiment. It is not a consensus, or a set of beliefs. We used to learn that in elementary school. Now even medical schools appear to have forgotten this basic lesson.
Science is not a set of dogmas that must be believed in order to be “saved.” Science is most definitely not Dr. Fauci. On the contrary, science is what outliers and nonconformists discover to upset the consensus and contradict the accepted beliefs of “experts.” Is ivermectin useful in Covid? Maybe someday we’ll find out.

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