Sotomayor, Breyer Spread Misinformation To Justify Bypassing Constitution

By | January 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

Justice Sotomayor grossly overstated the number of children hospitalized with Covid, “many on ventilators.” Her figure was over 100,000, when the correct figure is 3,500, an overestimate of over 2857%. Besides, these are children who test positive but may be hospitalized for other diseases or injuries, not children who are hospitalized because of Covid.

Not to be outdone, her equally liberal colleague Justice Breyer claimed there are 750 million cases, when they total US population is 332 million. That is, there are twice as many cases as people. To be fair, Breyer misspoke, and later gave a more correct figure, while Sotomoyor did not correct herself.

Conservatives like me can’t help being exposed to leftist ideas. We hear them on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and most papers in between. But leftists can use these as sources of information and never hear anything else. On the rare occasions a conservative is allowed to speak at a college, students come up afterwards and say they never before heard these ideas.

Politics is based on on popular opinion, which is based on the “facts” people hear. But what if they aren’t facts but propaganda. In computers, we all know that “garbage in, garbage out.” The same is true for the human mind. Tyrants invariably tell people lies, so the people will give them absolute power. Justice Sotomayor, perhaps unwittingly, spreads lies, for the purpose of bypassing the Constitution and allowing the government to assume still more power over people’s lives. Worried yet?

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