Sotomayor Misinformed On Covid, What Chance Do We Have?

By | January 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

Justice Sotomayor grossly overstated the number of children hospitalized with Covid, “many on ventilators.” Her figure was over 100,000, when the correct figure is 3,500, an overestimate of over 2857%. Besides, these are children who test positive but may be hospitalized for other diseases or injuries, not children who are hospitalized because of Covid.

This is not a minor error; it is an overstatement so great that it must lead the justice to incorrect conclusions. What can we learn from this episode?

• Sotomayor is highly intelligent and highly educated. If she is so seriously misinformed, what chance do ordinary people have to know what is going on?

• Sotomayor knew she would be ruling on vaccine mandates, a highly publicized case. If this is the best she could do to inform herself, what does this say about the media?

• Sotomayor described herself as a “wise Latina.” Aside from being a bit conceited, what did she mean? One definition of “wise” is the ability to use all available information to decide what to do in a way that would be best for all concerned. But what if the information is incorrect? What if “news reports” are in fact propaganda? Then no matter how intelligent and well-intentioned a person may be, she cannot be wise.

You can’t get to your destination if your map app tells you to drive into a river. And you can’t render a wise decision if propaganda media fill your head with misinformation.


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