“Try That In A Small Town” – No, Tried It In LA

By | July 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

Same day as Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” was released, got this report on nextdoor.com. Three women walking dogs in broad daylight on major LA street. Accosted by large, bearded, White man who followed them, repeatedly threatened to follow them home and shoot and kill them. Managed to get home, lock door.

Police came 2 hours later, did nothing, advised pepper spray. Unless actually attacked, in CA pepper spray can be felony with up to 3 years in prison. LA DA more sympathetic to street criminals than to law-abiding, so this is real risk. Cops not only did nothing but also gave bad advice.

I learned in high school civics that people gave up the right to use force to the goverment, in return for its guarantee of police protection. Now the government has reneged on its end of the contract. Similar problems in early San Francisco led to Vigilance Committees, or Vigilantes. Coming here? I hope not but I wonder.

You think Jason Aldean’s music video encouraged violence? No, it sought to reduce violence. The police defunders and pro-criminal leftists condone violence. Just ask the 3 ladies. But not in Libertyville. No, Mr. Beardface wouldn’t try that in a small town. He wouldn’t have tried it in a city two generations ago, either. This is called “progress.” It’s what progressives do.

But what would happen if he tried it in a small town? One of two things: a) He would be inducted into the Conor McGregor Fan Club and introduced to new techniques in MMA. Or b) He would be referred to the Legal Clinic of Smith & Wesson, where decisions are never reversed on appeal because there is no appeal.

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