Problems Of California

By | July 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Problems of California:

  1. Chronic drought, low water levels in reservoirs.
  2. Feeble power grid, blackouts during peak hours.
  3. High and rising violent crime.
  4. Many children, especially minorities, can’t read or do math at grade level.
  5. Growing homelessness, needles and feces on streets.
  6. Severe shortage of affordable housing.

“Solutions” to these problems from Democrat “leaders”:

  1. Unlimited development of expensive housing, unlimited immigration.
  2. Unlimited development of expensive housing, pushing electric cars.
  3. Defund, demoralize police, let criminals out of prison.
  4. Give power to teachers’ unions, keep schools locked down, block school choice.
  5. Build little affordable housing, allow looting, public drug use and defecation.
  6. Allow unlimited mega-mansions for super-rich and money laundering.

Obviously, the “solutions” are actually the causes of the problems. But to Democrat leaders and voters, it’s not at all obvious. So they intend to do more of what hasn’t worked. And even if they give up on California and move to a blue state, they take their leftist politics with them and work to ruin their new home state.

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