The Same Rules For All People Is “Racist”?

By | February 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

Berlin University tells students not to call police on a sex offender who has been harassing campus women for weeks. The offender is an immigrant, so calling police would be “racist.” Students are told to call for psychiatric help, but only if the offender agrees.

This debacle typifies the progressive approach to crimes committed by minorities. No, it is not “racist” to apply the same laws and the same standards to all people. On the contrary, it is racist to apply different standards. This is saying, in effect, that these poor, benighted creatures just don’t know any better.

Even assuming that some people don’t know sexual or other assaults are wrong, what is the best way to teach them? Arrest and punish offenders. That gets the word out quite effectively. “Equal justice under law” is chiseled on the marble of our Supreme Court. We will never achieve that goal if we don’t declare that it is our goal.

Different rules for different people is a sure recipe for civil strife and societal collapse. But perhaps that is the real goal of progressives. They hope to take over the ruins of Western Civilization. But more likely it will be fascistic dictators and violent gang leaders who arise from the debris on once-great cities. So perhaps we should abort the process now, before even more damage is done.

Berlin University Tells Students Not to Call Cops on Sex Offender

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