Whoopi: Holocaust Wasn’t Racist

By | February 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

My mother’s family hid from a Russian pogrom because they weren’t white. My father’s eldest brother was murdered in the Holocaust because Hitler’s “master race” thought he wasn’t white. When it was good to be white, Jews weren’t white. Now that it’s bad to be white, Jews are white. Odd how Jews always seem to be in the disfavored group.

Suggestions for Whoopi Goldberg: If you must belittle the Holocaust, don’t do it a few days after Holocaust Remembrance Day. And it you want to flirt with anti-Semitism, don’t do it using a typically Jewish stage name. Similarly, it you wanted to insult the Irish, you wouldn’t call yourself Katie O’Callahan. And if you wanted to insult the Italians…well, even you aren’t stupid enough to do that. Even stupid people know whom it’s safe to mess with, and whom it isn’t.

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