FBI Seized “Boxes” Of Possibly Privileged Documents

By | October 4, 2022 | 0 Comments
Court filing: FBI seized “boxes” of possibly privileged papers from Mar-a-Lago. Some from personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani and White House Counsel. Also medical records, perhaps Trump’s will. Say goodbye to attorney-client privilege, doctor-patient privilege, spousal privilege, parent-child privilege. Trump’s or Melania’s medical records? Private messages between Trump and Melania? Barron’s school reports?

If the government can read your attorney-client communications, the possibility of a fair trial goes out the window. If it can read communications between you, your spouse, and your child, privacy is just a memory. If it can read your child’s medical and school records, it owns you. If Trump is put on trial after this massive breach of confidentiality, our judicial system is no longer a justice system. And even worse, we all know it.

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