More Young People Collapse – Can We At Least Wonder Why?

By | July 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Every few days TV and the internet bring us news of young or relatively young people collapsing. From 18-year-old Bronny James on the basketball court to the soccer commentator in the Rose Bowl, apparently healthy people are collapsing, in some cases suffering cardiac arrest. What could be the cause?
1) An unidentified virus.
2) An unidentified new illegal drug.
3) Delayed effects of the vaccine and boosters.
4) Delayed effects of the vaccine and boosters, plus another factor acting on blood vessels – for example, cocaine.

All this is speculation, but one thing is certain: We will not discover what is going on if we are afraid to ask, and censored if we do. Muzzling people who ask crucial questions is a life-threatening activity. It is the exact opposite of “follow the science.” You can follow the science or follow the leader, but you can’t do both.

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