Ukrainians Advance

By | October 4, 2022 | 0 Comments

1) Russian troops said to retreat 30 miles in 4 hours. This is not a retreat but a rout.
2) I may befriend a man I’ve beaten, given time, but not a man I’ve humiliated. – Gen. U.S. Grant

We may rejoice at 1), but we must not forget 2). A narcissist like Putin needs a respectable way out. If we are wise, we will pressure Zelensky to give it to him. If we are foolish, we will press ahead aiming for total victory, while Putin is thoughtfully eyeing his nukes. We need experienced professionals in charge of our military and foreign policy. Too bad we don’t have them. Instead, we have woke ideologues and armchair amateurs. But we voted them in, so we have only ourselves to blame.

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