New England Journal Of Politicized Medicine

By | May 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

New England Journal of Medicine: “It is easy to blame Donald Trump for the entirety of the US government’s chaotic and ineffective response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and early 2021.”

That is what this fount of scientific knowledge says. But what does it omit?

  • The title “President.” Simple courtesy demands it. Or do the editors agree with Speaker Pelosi, who for 4 years called him an “illegitimate” president? Of course, anyone who questions the 2020 election, even for a few months, is spreading “disinformation.” So much for scientific objectivity.
  • The fact that at the start of the pandemic, Fauci parroted the World Health Organization, which parroted China, which lied that Covid-19 was not spread person-to-person. But Fauci and WHO didn’t minimize the threat, Trump did? So much for historical accuracy.
  • The fact that Trump ordered a travel ban from China, when Fauci and the WHO claimed this was unnecessary, and Biden called the ban “hysterical xenophobia.” So much for connection to reality.
  • The fact that Trump orchestrated the development and distribution of 3 vaccines in record time. So much for giving credit where it is due.
  • The fact that Trump emphasized early treatment in addition to the vaccine, while medical authorities downplayed early treatment and concentrated on treating hospitalized patients with severe disease. So much for devotion to patient welfare, as the Hippocratic Oath requires.

What people say is revealing. But what they don’t say can be more revealing. What the New England Journal says, and even more what it omits, reveals the tragic and destructive politicization of medicine and science.

If this politicization is not reversed, we can look forward to unnecessary deaths and suffering. In its 72 years of existence, the socialist paradise of the Soviet Union produced not one significant new medicine or treatment. It did, however, produce many new methods for oppressing human beings and enforcing conformity. Combatting “disinformation” was a priority. Could such an oppressive regime be coming here? The time to sound the fire alarm is when you first smell smoke, not when the entire structure is already in flames.

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