Putin’s Thoughts: A Picture Worth 1000 Words

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This photo says what I would have said, but it speaks more eloquently and more succinctly. The photo could be titled:

 Why one short man with a goal and guts is more than equal to two tall men with neither.

No, I’m not saying that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a better man – far from it. Nor am I saying that he is a more admirable man, or a stronger proponent of freedom, or the one I would like to have as my next-door neighbor – of course not. I am saying that if you really needed to have something difficult done without delay, which one of these three would you call?

The photo is of Russian President Putin, United Kingdom Prime Minister Cameron, and U.S. President Obama at last year’s G8 Summit held in Northern Ireland. This year’s meeting was to be held in Russia. But to “punish” Russia for intervening in Ukraine, the meeting was moved to Belgium and Putin was not invited.

Look at Putin’s expression at last year’s meeting. Does anyone really believe that not being invited to meet again with these gasbags was seen by Putin as a punishment, or rather as a reward? Try to read Putin’s face. What do you see? Respect? Partnership? Esteem? Or do you see disrespect, dislike, and contempt?

If you had to guess the thoughts in Putin’s mind at that moment, what could they be?

● I hope they serve lunch soon; I’m starved.

● These two windbags bore me to tears.

● Talk about the north end of a southbound horse.

● Have these jerks nothing meaningful to say?

● Can’t they distinguish words from actions? I surely can.

● Even on my uncle’s farm they didn’t pile it that high.

● All that flesh, and no bones.

● Who says invertebrates don’t wear good suits?

● I studied under leftist professors and knew it was garbage. They studied under leftist professors and believed what they were told.

● I grew up under socialism and could see it didn’t work. They grew up under capitalism and couldn’t see it did work.

● I studied history and learned about the Munich “agreement,” and how appreasement of aggressors doesn’t work. They studied history and learned nothing.

● I am rooted in reality, however unpleasant it might be. They are rooted in fantasy, which is always pleasant – until the bubble bursts.

● I take action. Cameron at least talks about doing something, while Obama admits he has no strategy. But ISIS does have a strategy.

● I love my homeland and aim to make it stronger. Why do these two idiots want to make their homelands weaker?

● I respect my country’s traditions and intend to see that they are followed. Why do these two morons disrespect their countries’ traditions and don’t care if they are forgotten?

● I want my country’s territory to be increased by restoring former parts. Why do these two imbeciles want to see their countries’ territory decreased by giving away current parts? Scotland voting on independence? The Mexican president telling Californians in Spanish that their state is the “other Mexico”? And this in the presence of the governor of California and the mayor of Los Angeles, who nodded approval? What unbelievable foolishness!

● These two weaklings make me sick. When will this useless chitchat be over? I need to get back to work.

● They want to compromise. I want to win. I predict that they will achieve their goal, and thus I will achieve mine.

You get the idea. Fill in more of your own “Putin’s thoughts.” It’s entertaining, but not at all humorous.

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