Florida Nightclub Massacre:You Can’t Love All the Peoples of the Earth

By | June 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

Many people who call themselves “liberal” or “progressive,” and who listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” claim to love all the peoples of the earth. But you can’t do that.

You can love children, or you can love child abusers.

You can love women, or you can love wife beaters.

You can love young people, or you can love drug dealers.

You can love freedom, or you can love big government.

You can love the welfare state, or you can love open borders.

You can love America, or you can love multiculturalism.

You can love the Constitution, or you can love Sharia law.

You can love victims, or you can love criminals.

You can love the law-abiding, or you can love sociopaths.

You and love truth, or you can love political correctness.

You can love reality, or you can love those who conceal reality.

You can love those who blame the guilty, or you can love those who blame the innocent.

You can love those who sound the fire alarm, or you can love those who smell smoke but tell you it’s your imagination due to smokophobia.

You can love gun-free zones, or you can love human life.

You can love the modern, or you can love those stuck in the 7th century.

You can love women’s rights, or you can love those mired in the past.

You can love the LGBT community, or you can love extremist Muslims.

But you can’t love both.

You have to choose. If you don’t choose, you really love no one but yourself. You’re in love with your own self-image. You’re so busy looking in the mirror that you don’t look out the window and see real people causing other real people real problems. So you do nothing to help. Those who do nothing to help victims and combat criminals don’t even know the meaning of love. They are worthless narcissists. Avoid them.

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