Destroy Statues, Depose Trump, Then What?

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Thomas Sowell describes what he calls Stage One thinking. This type of thinking is common in small children and so-called progressives. When these people want something, they throw a tantrum and make a huge mess until they get it. But they give no thought to what damage will result from their tantrum. And they give no thought to what will follow if they get what they want. That is, they seem totally unaware that there will be a Stage Two.

This type of behavior is annoying but tolerable in small children, whose minds have not yet matured to the point that they can foresee the results of their actions. But this behavior is even more annoying, and even less acceptable, in supposed adults. More to the point, this behavior can be dangerous, not only for the childish adults, but also for all the rest of us.

Destroy statues.

First it was statues of Confederate generals like Robert E. Lee. The stated motive was to remove objects of veneration that represented supporters of slavery. What the real motive was I leave for you to discern. Now monuments to Columbus are being trashed, busts of Lincoln are being defaced, and the Lincoln Memorial is being spray-painted with obscenities. What does this tell us?

But if removing statues of Confederate generals is so important, why is it not equally important to erect statues of Union generals? If statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are so offensive that they have to be removed, why are not statues of Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, Phil Sheridan, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, and Robert Gould Shaw so praiseworthy that they have to be erected?

If defaming the Confederacy is essential, why is not praising the Union equally important? If denigrating the supporters of slavery is crucial, why is not elevating the supporters of freedom equally vital? But who would insist on erecting statues of these Union officers? Indeed, how many university students can identify even one? National Alzheimer’s is the disease – removing statues is merely the symptom.

Or is the real purpose to tear down without building? Is the real purpose to remove sources of national pride without providing alternate sources? Is the real purpose not justice but anarchy?

But if anarchy follows, what then? People, especially independence-loving Americans, may tolerate anarchy for a short time. But then they will demand that order be restored ‒ by whoever promises to restore it. And that is likely to usher in a regime precisely opposite to what anarchists or progressives might prefer. But of course, to foresee that would require Stage Two thinking, of which these childish adults are incapable.

Bring down a President.

First they attack his associates. Paul Manafort was convicted of financial crimes committed long before he served briefly as Trump’s campaign chairman. But why was he selected for scrutiny in the first place? Obviously, because of his association with Trump.

Show me the man and I'll find you the crime.
‒ Marshal Beria, head of the KGB secret police

Then Michael Cohen, one of Trump’s lawyers, pleads guilty to violating campaign-finance laws by paying off Stormy Daniels to keep silent about an alleged one-night stand that she first denied. In other words, paying her off was a “campaign contribution” that should have been reported. Really? Then what about favorable comments regarding Trump on my website? Should I be prosecuted for not reporting these “contributions”?

Note that Cohen was represented by Lanny Davis, former Clinton advisor. Apparently he advised Cohen to plead guilty to campaign-finance violations ‒ and then claim that Trump told him to do it. Was Davis acting as a lawyer for Cohen or against Trump? Conflict of interest? What conflict of interest? The only interest is to get rid of Trump. And if Cohen goes to prison in the process, who cares? As they used to say on “Law and Order,” this doesn’t pass the smell test.

Suppose the anti-Trump Democrats and the never-Trump Republicans get their wish. Suppose Trump resigns in disgust, expressing his contempt for the biased media and the disloyal Republicans. Suppose Trump is impeached and removed from office. Or God forbid, suppose he is assassinated. What then?

Vice President Pence would become President. Yes, Pence is more laid back, more reserved, more outwardly dignified than Trump. But so what? As far as we know, his policies would be identical to Trump’s. And in view of his better relations with Congress, his policies might have a better chance of being enacted. Would this make the never-Trumpers any less angry? Why should it? If anything, they will hate Pence even more, because of his deep Christian beliefs.

And if Trump is brought down by whatever means, how would his supporters react? The peaceful majority would grumble and go about their business, harboring bitter resentment that they would express at the next election. But what about the less-than-peaceful minority, the very people whom the anti-Trumpers claim to fear?

If, as the anti-Trumpers proclaim, these people are dangerous, how much more dangerous would they become if they perceived that their President had been removed by undemocratic, devious means? But again, to foresee that would require Stage Two thinking, of which these childish adults are incapable.

Destructive tantrums and unreasonable demands are to be expected in poorly disciplined young children. They can make a mess in the living room. But such tantrums are unacceptable and downright dangerous in utterly undisciplined childish adults. They can wreck a whole country. Constructive criticism is one thing. Reckless destruction is quite another.

I have a message for the history erasers, the statue removers, the monument defacers, the flag desecrators, the National Anthem kneelers, and the bring-down-Trump-at-any-costers: If you enjoy destroying things but not building them, get a job with a demolition contractor, but keep your hands off my country.

Author’s Note:

For a readable summary, check out Greg Jarrett’s “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.” For a brief commentary, click here.

My apologies to Jonathan Goldsmith, who portrayed “the most interesting man in the world” in Dos Equis beer commercials from 2008 to 2016. I have no idea of his political views, but his photo was irresistible.

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