Censorship in America?

By | January 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

Hitler hated smoking, drank no alcohol, and ate little meat. This does not mean that I should smoke 2 packs of cigarettes daily, eat red meat with every meal, and drink myself into a stupor. Those actions were some things that Hitler did, but they have no relation to Nazi evil.

But if actions are integral to Nazi evil, surely we should be reluctant to do them. Here I include censorship of opposing views. And who are proponents of censorship? Who purge social media of anything suggesting the election was unfair, or that Trump is not a monster? Who actually shut down a media site that offered free expression of opinions of both left and right — and, not coincidentally — removed a competitor?

The Left, that’s who. Democrats, that’s who.

You don’t like a Nazi comparison? Okay, I’ll use a Communist comparison. They too used censorship to shut up all opposition. They too seized all means of communication. To write for books, magazines, or films, you had to be a member of the writers’ union. To work at a newspaper or radio station you had to be a member of the journalists’ union. Of course, to be a member of those unions, you had to be a good Communist.

So is this not the direction we are headed right now? Why am I writing this here rather than Tweeting it? How, literally in Heaven’s name, has dissent become a dirty word?

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