Officials Must Be Seen To Do Justice

By | February 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

When the cop knelt on George Floyd’s neck, he was charged with manslaughter, upped to murder. Still, weeks of rioting ensued. When there were serious allegations of voter fraud, several court challenges were thrown out, & the Supreme Court refused to take the case. When the Capitol riot ensued, 34-yr-old Air Force vet Ashli Babbitt was shot by a cop, but no charges will be filed.

Officials must not only do justice, they must be SEEN to do it. They did in George Floyd case. They did not in voting fraud case, & when a riot ensued, they did not file charges against the cop who shot a trespasser. A cop shot Ashli Babbitt, but ultimately she was killed by the judges who threw the election case out, up to Chief Justice Roberts.

Moral people take responsibility, even if it isn’t theirs & the situation is risky. Amoral people shirk responsibility, even if it is theirs & especially if the situation is risky.

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