The Ashli Babbitt-Cristian Pineda Society

By | February 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

Looking for a name for a conservative organization or project? How about the Ashli Babbitt-Cristian Pineda Society? Ashli was the 34-yr-old Air Force vet who was shot to death by police while climbing through a window during the Capitol riot. She was unarmed, assaulting no one, destroying nothing, and merely trespassing. If you shoot an unarmed trespasser, you will go to jail, but the officer will not be charged. She was there to protest serious allegations of election fraud that were never investigated. She was killed by the cop, but she was a victim of the lack of investigation.

Cristian was an 11-yr-old Texan asleep in a mobile home that was unheated because wind turbines froze solid and solar panels were covered with snow. He was killed by hypothermia, but he was a victim of our obsession with green energy rather than reliable energy. The names of Ashli and Cristian should be remembered as victims of the Left.


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