Lemon Laws For Presidents?

By | February 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

If I sell you a car that’s defective, I may be forced to take it back & refund your money. But if I sell you a president who is cognitively impaired, and I conceal the impairment with the help of the media, it’s all good? You’re stuck for 4 years with no recourse? And I go my merry way, planning my next fraud? I don’t think so.

Nothing has happened to Biden in the month since inauguration, no head injury, no stroke, no illness. Whatever impairment he has now he had before the election. When 30 Congress members ask him to share control of nukes with the VP and speaker, they are admitting they know about the impairment.

We have lemon laws for cars. Must we enact them for presidents as well?


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